Q: Where are you located?  

A: We are located in the Independence Promenade Shopping Center on the West bound side of Independence Blvd. between N. Sharon Amity Road and Idlewild Road. Our address is :  5323 East Independence Blvd., Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28212                                                                             

Q:How do I get started?  

A: Visit our online class schedule and contact us at 704-563-8693 to sign up.                                                                              

Q: What styles of dance are available?  

A: All styles of dance are offered from: tap, jazz, gym, ballet and hip-hop.                                                                                                        

Q: What levels of classes do you offer?  

A: Regular, pre-competition and competition.                                                                                                                                         

Q: How young is too young?  

A: Our classes range from 2 1/2 - years thru high school.                                                                                                                    

Q: How much do lessons cost?  

A: Prices vary according to level of instruction. Please call for availability and pricing.  Classes vary during the summer, so please call for specific information

Frequently Asked Questions